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We all  look forward to riding in the outdoor ring pictured above when the weather is nice. Winter, spring, summer and fall, you will never miss a (hoof) beat, however, knowing that the indoor arena is always available whatever the weather. 

Linda's riding lesson program specializes in teaching yougsters and beginner adults. All appreciate her quiet, calm demeanor around both the students and the horses which is very conducive to an enjoyable learning experience. Above all, the safety and welfare of both the students and the horses is paramount. 

Young children generally begin taking lessons at about age 6. There is no age limit for adults who want to pursue what may be a childhood dream of learning to ride. Or it may be a new adventure for those who have always loved horses but have not had the opportunity to pursue the hobby most become passionate about. This is also a great place for the seasoned riders that need to keep legged up. 

How You Benefit From Learning to Ride

• Great for the growth of self-confidence, not only while riding, but also in facing challenging day to day situations

• Good practice for fast decision making under pressure

• Improved physical fitness and coordination

• Gain positive feelings of accomplishment and self worth as personal milestones are reached in your riding career

• The opportunity to spend time doing what you love away from the distractions and demands surrounding your busy life.